2018 Collection "Green Land"

Greenland is beautiful; yet peaceful to a point that its beauty is fading quietly without much attention.


This collection “Green Land” is meant to remind people the country Greenland and reflect the issue of greenhouse gases and melting glaciers. As an island composed of 80% ice sheet, Greenland is melting away. Combining traditional textile design techniques, the garments portray essences of Greenland’s geographical aspect. As the paradoxical name given to a country filled with glaciers, there is no color of green in this collection. Instead, shades of grey and blue are used to depict the darkening ice sheet and glacial streams.“Green Land” is an irony as green plants will soon replace the snow on Greenland as temperature rises.

Note: all garments and special textile are designed and constructed by Fusi.

Special thanks to the mentorship of Adele Zhang, Susan Avila, Susan Abplanalp, and Lisa Lai! 

Photos by Jiacong Lin, David Suh, Henry Huynh, and JD Zhang​

Hand-made lace bodice, metallic and polyester flounces

100% silk satin and organza, 

all fabric designed and dyed by Fusi


Self-made metallic trimmings, silk organza center, polyester glass organza, 


100% silk satin designed, dyed, manipulated by Fusi.


Work In Progress

Initial Sketches

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